No-Nonsense CRM

Tired of juggling multiple apps for client conversations? 

Tired of juggling multiple apps for client conversations? 

Managing conversations scattered across WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, and Telegram?

Say goodbye to the chaos

messenger-based Contact Management that's redefining how you handle communications.

Kommo Features

Capture Leads from Anywhere

Capture Leads Instantly

Capture Leads from your website, social networks, chats, messenger, whatsapp

Organise Leads

Organise Your Leads

Organize potential customers from any social network or app in one place

Contacts Synch

Stay organized with profiles for each client and centralise all communication across your apps

Why Messenger-Based CRMs Rock


No more navigating through a maze of screens. Kommo's Pipeline, List, and Inbox views put you in control, giving you a 360° view of your sales process without the headaches.


Who needs bots? Kommo's "Inbox" keeps it real, letting you manage your sales pipeline effortlessly with a human touch. No scripted interactions here.


Say goodbye to ordinary chat assistants. Kommo's Salesbot is your virtual sidekick, handling everything from data gathering to follow-ups. 

Value Add CRM Services

As Kommo Partners at LN2X we offer a suite of services that go beyond the ordinary CRM experience


Unleash the full potential of Kommo Messenger CRM with our expert guidance.


Setting new systems up can be daunting
We handle the nitty-gritty, so your CRM journey starts with a bang! and you are in the driving seat. 


 Our training services will ensure you know exactly how to leverage your Data and spend more time smiling.

Digital Marketing 

Ever wondered how to coordinate marketing across channels?
Configure automated email campaigns, custom chatbots, and integration of Facebook or Google Ads in the Digital Pipeline.


Tailor CRM to your unique needs with custom features.  Need to connect something?
We help you integrate any systems or services you already use. Configure widgets, create new widgets, and implement custom features using APIs


Smooth transition from chaos to organized simplicity.
Our team helps you migrate from spreadsheets and notes to your account, ensuring data integrity and a smooth transition.

Ready to ditch the app overload? 

Dive into a 14-day trial of Kommo and experience a CRM that understands the hustle. Book a product demo with our team – let's revolutionize your CRM game.